Filesystem Access

Please get in touch to request access.
Give scripts read and/or write access to the filesystem. The first version will allow you to pass in files in the API request. We may add new APIs for creating file systems ahead of time.

Network Access

The sandbox currently doesn’t have network access. Add support for HTTP requests to allowed IP addresses and domain names.

Expanded Language Support

Add support for compiled languages such as Go, Rust, and Java. Add additional scripting languages like Lua and Gleam. What language would you like to see?

Packages, Gems, Modules, ...

The quality of standard libraries depends on the language. We know that pulling in third-party code is integral to solving real problems. We plan to ship new APIs for bundling interpreters with third-party packages of your choosing.

Long-running Jobs

Today, code execution is limited to 30 seconds. While we could extend this by a few more seconds, we’d rather build out an API that supports running code for hours, not minutes.

Additional JavaScript engines

Our current JavaScript support is powered by an engine written in Rust. We’d like to support more engines, especially one built on SpiderMonkey or QuickJS.

Custom interfaces

Current code assumes a POSIX-like environment, with access to environment variables, command line arguments, and standard streams (STDIN, STDOUT, STDERR). We’d like to support typed interfaces via the component model.

Are we missing a feature that you’d like? Want something prioritized? Send us a message at If you’re interested in either of these, please send an email to