New here? The Riza API executes untrusted Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, PHP and Ruby in a secure sandbox.

The developer preview API is small but mighty. Endpoints accept JSON-encoded requests and return JSON-encoded responses. Standard HTTP codes are used to indicate success or failure.

Execute Code Endpoint

Learn how to execute your first script


The developer preview of the Riza API uses API keys to authenticate requests. Include an API key in the Authorization header with a Bearer prefix.

Authorization: Bearer <api-key>

Manage your API keys using the Riza Dashboard.


The Riza API uses HTTP status codes to indicate success or failure. The response body will always contain a JSON document with a single message key.

  "message": "<description of the error>"

API Libraries

We offer API libraries for Node, Go, and Python, with more on the way. These libraries are generated and built using Stainless. Check them out!


The Riza API is also documented via a public OpenAPI spec.