Sandbox limitations

Most of these limitations are temporary. Our roadmap indicates the restrictions we plan on lifting.

Currently, sandboxed code only has access to the input data you provide. You can provide command-line arguments and environment variables, as well as stdin.

There is no filesystem access. There is no network access.

There is no dependency management or customization. Each interpreter has access to its language’s standard library.

There is no support for alternative interpreter versions.

See the Python, JavaScript, Ruby and PHP interpreter pages for additional information regarding interpreter-specific limitations.


Input code size1MiB
Size of stdin10MiB
Size of stdout20MiB
Size of stderr10MiB
Number of environment variables100
Environment variable key size4KiB
Environment variable value size100KiB
Number of arguments100
Argument size100KiB
Execution duration30 seconds
Memory consumption128Mib